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Can my CRT fees and expenses be reimbursed?

When a tribunal member makes a default decision or final decision about a claim, they might order an unsuccessful participant to pay the successful participant’s CRT fees and other reasonable expenses.

You may be able to claim reimbursement for:

  • CRT fees
  • Expenses for serving a CRT Dispute Notice including postage, process servers, or mileage to and from a participant’s address
  • Costs for expert evidence and other evidence reports
  • Charges for getting documents related to your claim, like a Freedom of Information (FOI) request
  • Search fees for the Corporate Registry or Land Title Office

But you can’t claim reimbursement for:

  • Time spent working on your CRT claim
  • Missed work hours or childcare costs for time spent working on your CRT claim
  • Filing fees for a court, Residential Tenancy Branch, or other tribunal if you filed your claim there before filing it with the CRT