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Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents

Entitlement to benefits, and fault, damages and/or a minor injury determination if you were in a vehicle accident.

The CRT has jurisdiction over most motor vehicle accident claims in BC, including claims about:

  • Entitlement to accident benefits
  • ICBC’s assessment of responsibility for an accident
  • Monetary damages if you’re injured in an accident, including determination of whether an injury is a “minor injury”
  • Other types of monetary damages including property damage, vehicle damage, and lost business income

View our infographic: What motor vehicle accident claims can you make at the CRT?

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Depending on the type of claim, there may be strict requirements or timelines set by law. The Solution Explorer will explain your options.

Aspects of our jurisdiction for accidents that happened between April 1, 2019 and April 30, 2021 were recently challenged in court. Read our blog post about this.

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The Solution Explorer will classify your issue and give you the right online application form. You might want to read our application checklist before making a claim.

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As we are currently experiencing a staffing shortage, please allow about 6 weeks for your application to be processed. We will then contact you about the next steps in the CRT process.

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Use the Solution Explorer to get free legal information about the issues in the claim. Then come back here to respond to the claim.

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Watch Mike’s story!

Mike was in a car accident, and hurt his arm and neck. He wasn’t able to work while he recovered, so ICBC paid income replacement benefits.

Mike and ICBC don’t agree on when he should be able to return to work and if his benefits should continue.

See how the Solution Explorer can help Mike understand his options, and how easy it is to make a CRT claim.