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What are remedies?

A “remedy” is what you ask the CRT to order, to resolve the claim. For example:
  • I want Sonia Singh to pay me $1,250 to repair my fence.
  • I want ICBC to reimburse me $650 for physiotherapy treatments.
  • I want 123 Painting Ltd to return the $2,500 I paid for a poorly done painting job.
  • I want the strata corporation to remove noise bylaw fines from my strata account.

What can the CRT order?

What the CRT can order depends on the claim type (for example, strata or small claims). The CRT may have authority to order someone to:
  • Pay money for something, including interest
  • Do something, or stop doing something
  • Pay the other side’s CRT fees and/or expenses related to the claim
  • Pay for the other side’s legal fees, expert reports, and other claim-related expenses

How many remedies can I ask for?

You must include at least one remedy for each claim. But you can have more than one remedy per claim.

Can you help me write remedies?

The CRT can’t help you write remedies. If you need help deciding what to ask for in your claims, you may want to get legal advice.