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About the CRT

The CRT is Canada’s first online tribunal. We’re part of the British Columbia public justice system. We offer an accessible, affordable way to resolve many types of civil law disputes without needing a lawyer or attending court.

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Our mandate

The CRT is an independent, quasi-judicial tribunal. We operate under the authority of the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act.

The CRT is different from the traditional courtroom model. We provide detailed legal information and self-help tools to resolve claims by agreement, and offer an online dispute resolution process that can be accessed anytime. We encourage a collaborative, problem-solving approach to resolving disputes.

We also encourage people to speak for themselves in the CRT process, but you can ask permission to have someone represent you.

CRT final decisions are available to the public.

  Learn how the CRT process works.

Guiding principles

Our goal in everything we do is to ensure our dispute resolution services are:

  • Timely
  • Flexible
  • Accessible
  • Affordable
  • Efficient

Continuous improvement

We’re here to serve the public, and we rely on public feedback to help us improve.

CRT participants are invited to rate us on our guiding principles, what they liked about their experience, and what they feel we could improve or do differently. We report the results every month on our blog. We also regularly review our legal information and self-help tools, based on public and internal feedback and any changes to relevant law.

Want to help? Keep an eye on our blog for public consultations and user testing opportunities.