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How do I withdraw a claim?

Withdrawing a claim means it will be closed and no further action can be taken on it.

Only an applicant can ask to withdraw their CRT claim. A respondent can’t ask to withdraw the claim.

If you’re an applicant and want to withdraw all your claims in a single dispute file, you must tell us. It’s free to withdraw a claim.

  1. Log in to your CRT Account.
  2. Choose the Dispute Number for the claim you want to withdraw.
  3. Click the “Manage Dispute” tab.
  4. Click the “Withdraw Dispute” button.

What happens after I ask to withdraw the claim?

  • If the respondents haven’t replied to the claim, then we’ll close the claim.
  • If the respondents have already replied to the claim, we will contact them to see if they agree to close the claim.
  • If the claim is in the facilitation or decision stage, your CRT case manager will ask all the participants if they agree to close the claim.
  • If all the participants agree to close the claim, you can ask for an official consent dismissal order, if you want one. This order is enforceable in court.

What happens if the respondents don’t agree to close the claim?

If the respondents don’t agree to close the claim, we might ask all the claim participants to say why they think the claim should or shouldn’t be closed. A tribunal member will review everyone’s reasons and make a decision about closing the claim.

If the tribunal member decides the claim shouldn’t be closed, then it will continue at whichever stage it was in when we received the request to withdraw it.

What if I want to withdraw an individual claim in a dispute file?

Participants can agree to withdraw individual claims within a dispute file. It’s free to do this.

If I withdraw my claim, can I make another claim later?

Once a claim is withdrawn and closed, you must ask the CRT for permission if you want to make a new claim about the same issue. We will ask you to submit reasons why you should be allowed to.

If all the participants agreed to a consent dismissal order, then none of the participants can make another CRT claim about the same issue. This order can be enforced in court.