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The CRT Process

The CRT is part of the British Columbia justice system. We offer an accessible, affordable way to resolve many types of civil law disputes without needing a lawyer or attending court.

We encourage a collaborative approach. But if you can’t reach an agreement, an independent tribunal member can make a decision about the claim. CRT decisions and orders are enforceable in court.

The CRT process has 4 main stages. 

View a detailed flowchart of the CRT process.

You can make an agreement to settle your claim at any stage.

Where is my claim at in this process?

Log in to your CRT Account anytime to see what stage of the CRT process your claim is in.

Our FAQs are organized by stage. Look for our process graphic at the top of help articles to understand which stage the topic is about. For example:

Progress Bar 3 - Facilitation

How the CRT Works

Watch our video about Ming and Dharma to learn about the stages in the CRT process.