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What information do I need to apply?

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Before you make a CRT claim, make sure you have all of this information ready:

  • Names, email addresses, and mailing addresses of all applicants (who is making the claim)
  • Names and mailing addresses of all respondents (who the claim is against)
  • Name and email address of any representative or contact person
  • For strata claims, the strata corporation or section’s legal name and their most recent mailing address on file at the Land Title Office
  • A short description of what the claim is about
  • What you want the respondents to do or pay (the “remedies“)
  • Credit card or cheque to pay the application fee

What if I need help filling out the application form?

We designed our claim application form to be simple and easy to use, in plain English. But if you need help filling it out, you could ask a trusted friend or family member or another helper.

Learn how to find the legal name of a company, organization, society or cooperative association registered in BC.

What if I can’t pay the application fee?

If you can’t pay the application fee, you can ask for a fee waiver on the payment screen. You’ll need to give information about your household income and the value of any real estate you own.

Tips for applying

  • If you’re making a CRT claim for yourself and other applicants, the other applicants have to agree that you can make the claim for them.
  • Limit your application to only one or two claims (issues) plus any claim for interest and/or fees. Adding more claims will usually make the CRT process take longer. If you include unrelated claims, we might require you to submit separate applications, which could slow down the process.
  • The application form asks if you want to claim interest, and/or fees and expenses. If you do, it will automatically create separate claims and remedies for those in the dispute file.
  • Write short, simple remedies. Learn more about writing remedies and see examples.

What if I don’t know who to make a claim against, or what to ask for?

You may want to get legal advice. The CRT can’t give legal advice or tell you who you should make your claim against, how to word your claim, or how much to claim for.

We also can’t tell you if a potential claim has merit or is worth filing.