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What is negotiation?

Progress Bar 2 - Negotiation

The negotiation stage starts after the respondents reply to the claim. Negotiation is usually the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to resolve a CRT claim. By having some control over the outcome, you might be happier with the result. And if you reach an agreement, your claim is over.

About 40% of all CRT claims are settled by agreement or withdrawn.

If you made a claim and reach an agreement by negotiation, we can refund your CRT application fee.

Read our negotiation tips!

How do I negotiate?

Wait for the CRT to give you instructions

After the respondents reply to the claim, we'll contact you with information about the negotiation process, timelines, and the link to your secure negotiation area.


Login to your CRT Account, choose the Dispute Number, and click the “Messages” tab. This is your secure negotiation page. It’s like a private chatroom where the participants leave messages for each other.

The "Messages" tab is only available in your CRT Account during the negotiation stage.

Send and reply to messages

Send a message in the negotiation page to the other participants. Let them know what you would agree to, to resolve the claim.

How long do we have to negotiate?

You usually have a few weeks to negotiate. While you’re negotiating, we’re working behind the scenes to assign your claim to a CRT case manager.

We reached an agreement during negotiation. What’s next?

  1. If all the participants agree on a way to resolve the claim, click the “Reached an Agreement” button on the negotiation page. A CRT case manager will follow up about your agreement.
  2. We can turn your settlement terms into a written agreement, or a formal order that’s enforceable in court. Learn more about settlement agreements.

We didn’t reach an agreement. What’s next?

If you don’t reach an agreement during the negotiation stage, a case manager will contact you to begin the facilitation stage. Learn more about facilitation.

Is it private? Who will see the negotiation?

The CRT doesn’t moderate or monitor your negotiation page. But the page has options to notify the CRT that you’ve reached an agreement about the claim. You can also report abusive behaviour through the negotiation page.

All negotiation discussions are confidential. If your claim goes to a CRT decision, the tribunal member won’t see any of your negotiation discussions.

Do I have to negotiate?

The negotiation process is voluntary. We don’t force or order participants to negotiate.

What’s expected of me?

You must treat participants and CRT staff respectfully. Read our Code of Conduct policy for claim participants.

If the CRT considers your behaviour abusive or unlawful, the claim might be dismissed or continue without your participation. You might not get the decision you want or feel you deserve.