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What is a consent dismissal order?

If all the participants in a claim agree to withdraw it, we can put this into an order that’s enforceable in court. This is called a “consent dismissal order”.

In this order, the participants agree:

  • To dismiss the claims, without disclosing any settlement terms
  • That no further action can be taken on the claim and it will be closed
  • That none of the participants can file a new claim at the CRT or another tribunal or court about the same issues

How do I ask for a consent dismissal order?

Contact your CRT case manager. If a case manager hasn’t been assigned to your claim yet, contact us.

How do I enforce a consent dismissal order?

To enforce a CRT order, you must file a copy of the validated order in court. The courts may have filing deadlines and charge filing fees.

When you file a CRT order with the court, the order has the same force and effect as if it were a judgment of that court.

The CRT can’t enforce a CRT decision or order for you, or help you file with a court for enforcement. 

Learn more about enforcing a CRT order.