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I don’t think a claim has merit. Why did the CRT accept it?

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When someone makes a claim with us, our staff only review whether the CRT has jurisdiction over the claim.

Our staff can’t assess if a claim will be successful, or how much merit it has. That’s the job of the independent tribunal member who makes a final decision about the claim, after the participants go through the CRT process.

If you don’t respond to a claim by the deadline, the claim won’t go away, even if you don’t think it has merit. The claim will continue and you won’t get a chance to explain your side of the claim. You could even get a default decision made against you, which can be enforced like a court order.

If you don’t think a claim has merit, you may want to get legal advice. The CRT can’t give legal advice. Here are some resources for low-cost or free legal advice.