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How do I search CRT decisions?

All CRT decisions are posted publicly on our Decisions page. You don’t need a CRT Account to access our decisions database.

You can search our decisions database by a participant’s name, a dispute number, or keywords. Or you can browse decisions by claim type, like strata or vehicle accident claims.

How do I use the advanced search?

Go directly to our Decisions page to search for decisions. You can’t search CRT decisions using the search bar on the rest of our website.

You can search by 1 or more fields at a time to narrow down the results. You don’t have to use all fields.

  • Full text search: Use this field for keywords or full topics, like “water damage”, “dog AND noise,” or “tree AND branch OR limb”. You can use Boolean search terms. Click the “Help” link above the Decisions search boxes for more information.
  • Case name, Neutral citation, or File numbers: Search by a participant name, CRT decision number (for example, “2022 BCCRT 100”) or CRT Dispute Number (for example, “SC-2022-012345”).
  • Date: The CRT decision date.
  • Decision type: Select 1 or more types to narrow the search: Final Decision, Default Decision, Summary Decision, Preliminary Decision. Leave this field blank to search all types.
  • Decision status: Helps you find decisions with a certain status, like “Under Appeal” or “Judicial Review”.
  • Noteworthy decisions: We occasionally flag decisions as “noteworthy”. Noteworthy decisions are particularly well-written, concise, summarize the law well, or address a particularly difficult issue.