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What is non-compliance?

“Non-compliance” is when a participant doesn’t follow the CRT’s directions or the CRT Rules, or doesn’t follow the Participant Code of Conduct.

For example, a participant is abusive during the negotiation process, or doesn’t reply to an email by the deadline.

If the CRT decides you are non-compliant, the claim might continue without your participation, and you might not get the decision you want or feel you deserve. You could even have a default decision made against you.

If a decision or order is made against you for non-compliance, it can be enforced like a court order.

What if I don’t agree with a non-compliance decision?

For some claims, you can ask the CRT to cancel a decision made against you for non-compliance. There’s a fee for this. You must also explain why you think the CRT should cancel the decision. Learn more about asking to cancel a non-compliance decision.