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Where can I get legal advice and other support?

The CRT is an independent, neutral decision maker. We can’t provide legal advice, but we can help you understand the CRT process. Our Solution Explorer also gives free legal information about a variety of topics.

What’s the difference between legal information and advice?

Legal information is general information that could apply to anyone. It’s information about what you could do. But legal advice is telling you what you should do based on your circumstances.

For example, the CRT can tell you what kinds of evidence that participants often submit. But the CRT can’t tell you what evidence you should submit, or what would help you prove your claim.

We can also help you fill in the claim application form by telling you what kind of information goes in which sections. But we can’t tell you what you should enter, who to make your claim against, or what to ask for in your claim.

We also can’t tell you whether a potential claim has merit or is worth filing.

Where can I get legal advice?

Here are some low-cost or free options for general legal advice:

Where can I get information, referrals, and support?

For general information:

  • bc211 has information and referrals for a range of programs and services. It’s free, confidential, and multilingual.

If an intimate image of you was shared without your consent:

For strata issues:

For societies and cooperative association issues: