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How long does the CRT process take?

The CRT aims to resolve claims as fairly, quickly, and affordably as possible. But every claim is different.

  • Some claims are simple issues between 2 people who quickly reach an agreement. This could take just a few weeks or less.
  • Other claims have complex issues, several participants, lots of evidence and arguments, and go all the way through the process to a tribunal member decision. These could take several months.
  • Some types of claims, like vehicle accidents, depend on the timelines of processes outside the CRT.
  • Sometimes participants ask for deadline extensions and need more time to participate.

We’ll always keep you updated about your claim and what you need to do next. We aim to set short timelines so claims can keep moving forward.

Between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021, the average time to resolution was:


For more detailed time to resolution statistics, see our 2020/21 Annual Report.