What legislation will I need?

To help understand and manage your CRT dispute, you may need to look at the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act, Insurance (Vehicle) Act, the Strata Property Act, or the Small Claims Act. You may also need to look at regulations under each of these Acts. All BC laws can be found on the BC Laws website.

Amendments to the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act were brought into force on April 1, 2019. The Queen’s Printer publishes official versions of BC legislation on the BC Laws website.

Under the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act, there are two regulations:

The Insurance (Vehicle) Act governs many aspects of vehicle insurance, including the classification of an injury as a minor injury, and limits on accident benefits. Under the Insurance (Vehicle) Act, there are two regulations:

The Strata Property Act and Strata Property Regulation governs many aspects of the way strata (condominium) properties operate.

Strata Property Act

Bare Land Strata Plan Regulation

Strata Property Regulation

A strata corporation’s bylaws determine many aspects of the strata’s operations.

Strata Bylaws

Schedule of Standard Bylaws

The Small Claims Act establishes the Small Claims Court and sets out how the Small Claims Court operates.

The Limitation Act sets out the time frame within which claims must be filed with a court or tribunal.