• What Can the CRT Do For You?

  • What Can the CRT Do For You?

  • What Can the CRT Do For You?

Welcome to the Civil Resolution Tribunal

The Civil Resolution Tribunal, or CRT, is Canada’s first online tribunal. The CRT resolves small claims disputes $5,000 and under, and strata property (condominium) of any amount. The CRT helps people to resolve their disputes quickly and affordably, and encourages a collaborative approach to dispute resolution.

On April 1, 2019, the CRT will also resolve motor vehicle injury claims of up to $50,000. For more information, see the monthly implementation updates on our blog.

To use the CRT and learn about the different stages of CRT dispute resolution, visit How the CRT Works. To learn about CRT Rules, Fees, Legislation, and other important information, visit Resources

How the CRT Works Resources

Try the Solution Explorer

Before you file your dispute, you must use the Solution Explorer to help you with your problem. If you haven’t already tried the Solution Explorer, it’s a great tool to help you get started and learn more about your dispute.

It can also help you take steps to resolve the dispute on your own or to be sure you haven’t missed any resolution options. At the end of your Solution Explorer exploration, you can access the CRT application for dispute resolution.

Get Started

Why Should I Use the CRT?

A legal question or problem can be just one more thing in your already busy life. We want to make resolving your strata or small claims problem something that fits your schedule, whether you like to get up early or stay up very late.

By using the CRT to resolve your dispute, you can:

Avoid the time, cost, and stress of going to court.
Get free legal information written in plain language.
Access free self-help tools such as letter templates and worksheets.
Use a range of dispute resolution tools including negotiation, facilitation, and adjudication.
Resolve your dispute when and where it’s convenient for you; at home, at work, through your phone, or at the local library.