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How do I respond to a claim?

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If you receive a CRT Dispute Notice package, it means a legal claim has been made against you.

A CRT Dispute Notice is a legal document. Here’s what a CRT Dispute Notice looks like. It explains:

  • Who made the claim (the applicants)
  • Who the claim is against (the respondents)
  • What the claim is about (the claim details)
  • What the applicant asked for to resolve the claim (the remedies)

How do I respond?

Fill out and submit the response form

The form will ask you to confirm your contact information, and if you agree with the claims made against you.

It's free to respond online. If you prefer to respond by email or mail, download a paper form and send it to us. There's a fee to respond by email or mail.

If you want to make a counterclaim or third-party claim, you can do that after you submit your Response form.

What happens if I don’t respond?

If you don’t respond by the deadline, the claim won’t go away. It will continue and you won’t get a chance to explain your side of the claim. You could even get a default decision made against you, which can be enforced like a court order.

What’s the deadline to respond?

Once you receive the Dispute Notice, you have 14 calendar days to respond (30 days if you received it outside BC). If you need more time to respond, contact us and ask for an extension.

What happens after I respond?

  1. The CRT will review your Response form. We’ll contact you if information is missing or needs clarification.
  2. Once we process your response, the claim usually moves to the negotiation stage of the CRT process. We’ll contact you with next steps once this happens.