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What is a final decision?

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If you can’t settle your CRT claim with the help of a case manager during facilitation, the next step is a CRT final decision. That’s when a tribunal member makes a decision based on the law, and the evidence and arguments from the participants. Tribunal members are independent legal experts.

CRT decisions are binding and enforceable, just like a court order.

How do I get a final decision?

Your case manager will explain how the decision process works, and what you need to do. For most types of claims, there’s a fee to get a CRT decision.

Learn about the decision preparation process and what you have to do.

How long does it take to get a final decision?

Intimate image claims are expedited. For all other types of claims, once a tribunal member has been assigned, it usually takes a few weeks for them to review all the information, consider the issues, apply the law, and write their decision. Complex claims or multiple claims in a dispute file may take longer.

All decisions are peer-reviewed and go through an internal quality assurance process before being finalized and published. This adds time to the decision process, but it’s an important step in maintaining high quality in CRT decisions.

Can I choose which tribunal member will decide my claim?

Participants can’t ask for their decision to be assigned to a specific tribunal member. Our tribunal members are assigned claims according to their areas of expertise, experience, current workloads, and other factors.

Our tribunal members are independent, and were appointed based on their qualifications and experience.