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Solution Explorer

The Solution Explorer is the first step in the CRT claims process. It asks you simple questions and gives you customized legal information and options based on your answers. Its self-help tools, like communication templates, might help you resolve your issue on your own.

Using the Solution Explorer is free and anonymous.

Want to make a CRT claim?

The Solution Explorer will classify your issue and give you the right online application form. You might want to read our application checklist before making a claim.

Did someone make a CRT claim against you?

Use the Solution Explorer to get free legal information about the issues in the claim. Then come back here to respond to the claim.

Let’s get started! What is your issue about? If you’re not sure, choose “Small claims”.

Vehicle accidents

Entitlement to benefits, and fault, damages and/or a minor injury determination if you were in a vehicle accident.

Small claims

Claims up to $5,000 about things you bought or sold, loans, personal property, contracts, roommates, pets, and more.

Strata property

Strata bylaws, councils, governance, maintenance and damage, nuisance, and more.

Societies and cooperatives

BC societies, and housing and community service cooperative associations.

Watch Barbara’s Story!

Barbara bought a new couch. It broke a few days after being delivered, but the furniture company won’t give her a refund.

See how the Solution Explorer can help Barbara understand her options, and how easy it is to make a CRT claim.