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Small Claims under $5,000 Coming to the CRT on June 1, 2017

On June 1, 2017, the Civil Resolution Tribunal will begin resolving small claims disputes under $5,000. Small claims disputes about contracts, debts, personal injury, personal property, and consumer issues will be resolved through the online tribunal.

Participants in a dispute can already resolve strata property (condominium) disputes through the CRT on their smartphones, laptops and tablets 24/7, from the convenience and comfort of their home. Telephone and mail services are also available for those who can’t access the internet.

This is the first phase of implementing the CRT’s small claims jurisdiction, and using the CRT will be mandatory for most claims up to $5,000.

As the first online tribunal in the world that is integrated into the public justice system, the CRT offers free self-help information pathways and tools that can be used to help people better understand the issues and explore early resolution options in strata disputes and small claims. Those who can’t resolve on their own can apply to the CRT for help – creating a resolution with the others involved or getting a binding, expert decision from a tribunal member. The tribunal has been resolving strata disputes since July 2016, encouraging collaborative agreements and making binding decisions when people cannot agree.

For more information, the BC Provincial Court has some FAQs about these changes.

Here’s more information from today’s news release.