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Graphic of participant satisfaction survey results including red disatisfied face, yellow neutral face, green smiley face, and blue arrow showing increase in satisfaction.

2017: Going the Extra Mile for CRT Participants

The CRT is intended to improve access to justice for people with strata property disputes and, soon, small claims.  While much of the focus has been on developing technology that is easy to use and available 24/7, our employees are also a big part of enhancing access.

The CRT recognizes that not everyone has equal abilities with technology and that over-reliance on technology can create barriers for some people.  Our front line Resolution Support Clerks (RSCs) play a key role in reducing those barriers, by providing telephone and email support to people who encounter difficulties using our online application or completing documents.

In the few months since the CRT started operations, there have been many examples of CRT staff making an extra effort to ensure a person is able to submit an application or provide necessary information to the CRT.

This includes helping someone get past “error” messages he received while completing a section of the online application for dispute resolution.  Using email, telephone and some ingenuity, the RSC was able to collect information about the problem, identify the cause and talk the person through to a resolution.  In addition to helping that client, the RSC was able to identify a system improvement that will help other people avoid a similar problem.

On another occasion, a potential applicant to the CRT was having difficulty with the Solution Explorer and submitted a support request online. The RSC who received the support request noticed that the person had submitted other requests and was not having a positive experience with Solution Explorer.  The RSC phoned the client, who was surprised that we took the time to call, rather than sending an email.  The clerk was able to give the person some tips that guided her towards the most appropriate streams in Solution Explorer.  She was able to find information relevant to her issue and ended up taking advantage of some of the Solution Explorer’s tips and tools for resolving the dispute on her own.

These are only two examples of the many situations where CRT employees have gone “the extra mile” to ensure citizens have access to the CRT’s dispute resolution information and services. While we are happy to help people through the process, we cannot give legal advice, including advice on interpreting the Strata Property Act, the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act, or any other legislation.

While we can’t provide personalized services to everyone, we work hard to support those for whom technology can sometimes be a barrier.