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Introducing our Physician Consultant for CRT Motor Vehicle Injury Disputes

By Andrea Ritchie, Vice Chair – MVI (Motor Vehicle Injury)

On November 29, 2019, the CRT welcomed Dr. Michael Dunn as its in-house Physician Consultant.

Dr. Dunn will be working with the CRT to consult on medical issues and assist in developing the CRT’s roster of Independent Health Professionals (IHP), who will be providing Independent Medical Examinations (IME) at the request of the CRT or one or more parties in motor vehicle injury disputes.

Dr. Dunn obtained his medical degree from the University of Western Ontario in 1988. After that, Dr. Dunn spent many years working as an emergency room physician in rural hospitals in Ontario and British Columbia. During his time as an emergency room physician, Dr. Dunn also performed locums (a temporary substitute doctor) for local family physicians with a wide range of patients.

While still in general and emergency practice, Dr. Dunn joined WorkSafeBC as a part time Medical Advisor. In this role, Dr. Dunn worked with case management teams to help navigate complex medical issues, including liaising with community physicians to assist with expedited care, developing rehabilitation programs, and examining patients.

In addition to his work at the CRT, Dr. Dunn currently holds two positions with WorkSafeBC, as a Review Division Medical Advisor and a Disability Awards Medical Advisor. With the Review Division, Dr. Dunn carries a major teaching role, providing group and individual training to Review Officers and students about everything from basic medical terminology and anatomy to complex medical issues. As a Disability Awards Medical Advisor, Dr. Dunn conducts Permanent Functional Impairment Evaluations and instructs other examining physicians, both at WorkSafeBC and externally.


If you have any questions about this area of CRT jurisdiction, please contact us.