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Continuous Improvement Update – June 2019

By Tanja Rosteck, CRT User Experience Lead

Now that we’ve finished implementing our new motor vehicle injury jurisdiction, it’s time to refocus on Continuous Improvement of our Solution Explorer.


New Dispute Areas

We’re excited to announce two new Solution Explorer areas coming soon:

  • Societies and Cooperative Association disputes – launch date July 15, 2019
  • Housing disputes – estimated launch date July 30, 2019


Societies and cooperative association disputes of any amount are covered under new jurisdiction expected to come into force on July 15, 2019. The CRT can help resolve disputes with BC societies that are incorporated with the BC Corporate Registry, and housing and community service cooperative associations. The CRT can’t resolve disputes with unincorporated societies, those incorporated outside BC, “for-profit” corporations, or other types of cooperatives.

Shared accommodations and some housing disputes under $5,000 are covered under our small claims jurisdiction. The CRT may be able to help resolve disputes about renters who share a kitchen or bathroom with their landlord; vacation and short-term rentals; transitional housing and other facilities; and more. Other situations may be covered by the BC Residential Tenancy Branch (RTB). We’ve also included information about your options for things the CRT can’t help with, like tenant-landlord disputes and enforcing RTB orders.

Both of these new areas were developed in consultation with subject matter experts. The final content is currently going through our internal review and approval process. Watch our home page for updates!


Updates – Strata Owners and Tenants

On June 21, 2019 we launched a major update to our Strata Owners and Tenants Solution Explorer. Here’s an overview of what’s changed:

  • All resolution options are now streamlined, making it easier to understand your options. We’ve also added upfront information about any pre-requisites, such as needing to request a strata council hearing before making a CRT claim.
  • Some content has been collated to cover more situations.
  • Some information sheets and letter templates have been updated.
  • We know strata disputes can be complex and often have more than one issue. We made wording improvements throughout, and added more examples to help you understand which category your issue might be in.


Updates – Employment

We’ve reworked this area. It now offers comprehensive information and options for issues like unpaid wages, your employment ending, changes to your job, and more. It also offers employers the option to make a claim with the CRT.


Updates – Motor Vehicle Accidents and Injuries

We’ve updated some information sheets in this area.


Check back in September for another Continuous Improvement update! As always, if you have questions or comments, please let us know. We rely on feedback to help us improve how we serve you.