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Solution Explorer Quarterly Update: 2018 Q2

by Tanja Rosteck, Solution Explorer Content Strategist


We’ve just finished our second Continuous Improvement cycle for 2018! It’s for the Small Claims Solution Explorer.

My last quarterly update hinted at some new content areas coming soon. I’m excited to report that on June 29, 2018 we added:

  • Construction and Renovations: new content for contractors and sub-contractors having issues with residential construction projects.
  • Insurance: new content for issues with pet insurance.
  • Personal Injury: new content about being injured by animal or your animal injuring someone else. (“Dog bites” was one of the public’s most frequently requested content areas.)

Later this week, we’ll also be adding:

  • Employment: new content for employers.

You may have heard that the CRT’s jurisdiction is expanding in April 2019 to include some motor vehicle accident claims. We’re already hard at work developing a new Solution Explorer content area for it, and reviewing our current content for overlaps. We’ll update you later in the year on our progress. Thank you to the personal injury lawyers who have generously volunteered to help create this new content.

That’s it for this edition of the Solution Explorer Quarterly Update. We hope these expanded content areas help you understand and resolve these types of disputes.

As always, please keep sending us your comments and suggestions how to make the Solution Explorer better. We rely on public feedback to help us improve.