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2018: The Solution Explorer is Growing!

We’re excited to tell you about the work we’re doing with law students to keep making the Solution Explorer better for British Columbians.

We’ve written before about our Continuous Improvement strategy for the Solution Explorer. We keep a list of different topics you’ve told us you’d like to see us cover in more detail. Part of the Continuous Improvement strategy includes building new content for these areas.

This fall we partnered with Thompson Rivers University (TRU) Law to teach students how to knowledge engineer. The course was offered by Professor Katie Sykes, and co-facilitated by Lauryn Kerr and Darin Thompson from the BC Ministry of Attorney General (MAG).

What is knowledge engineering?

Knowledge engineering is the process we use to build content for the Solution Explorer. The knowledge engineer’s job is to turn a subject matter expert’s knowledge into guided pathways, legal information, and self-help tools that can be loaded into the Solution Explorer.

The TRU students worked with real subject matter experts to create content in areas that could eventually form part of the CRT Solution Explorer knowledge base.

What did the TRU students build?

Areas the students worked on include:

  • Residential Construction – Contractor disputes
  • Residential Construction – Subcontractor disputes
  • Personal Injury Caused by an Animal
  • Housing disputes that don’t fall in the jurisdiction of the Residential Tenancy Branch
  • Pet Insurance Disputes

The CRT is currently reviewing the content created by the students. If we decide to add it to the Solution Explorer, it will go through our usual testing, legal review and approval, and quality assurance processes before being released to the public.

We’d like to thank Professor Katie Sykes from TRU for making this partnership possible! And we’d also like to thank the six TRU students who took the course –  Melissa Erickson, Kristina Gallo, Kimberly Gee, Ryan Macklon, Bianca Mutis, and Thomas Neeser – we can’t wait to see what you’ve created, and we hope you enjoyed your experience!