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Searching CRT Decisions: New, Noteworthy, and Notifications

The CRT publishes all its default and final decisions. This is required by the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act, and it also helps people better understand how the CRT decides disputes.

Decisions are available on the Decisions page of our website. Anyone can search for and read CRT decisions.


Browsing and searching

The search engine can help you find specific decisions. Use the “Advanced Search” boxes to search for all decisions that include a name, date, specific word or phrase, and more.


You can also view all decisions of a specific dispute type, such as strata or small claims. Simply select a decision type from the “Browse Decisions” list:

Noteworthy decisions

You can also search for decisions flagged as “Noteworthy”.

The CRT or individual tribunal members sometimes flag a decision as noteworthy. Noteworthy decisions are particularly well-written, concise, summarize the law well, and/or address a particularly difficult issue.

Like all CRT decisions, decisions identified as “noteworthy” are not precedent-setting, and are not binding on CRT members when they make decisions.

To find noteworthy decisions, click “Advanced Search” and select “Show more fields”. Click the “Noteworthy Decisions?” field and select “Yes”. Then click the “Search” button.

Subscribing to updates

Did you know you can be notified by email whenever the CRT publishes a new decision?

Scroll to the bottom of the “Decisions” page and click “* Mailing List”. Follow the instructions to subscribe. Your email address will only be used to send you notifications when new CRT decisions are published. You can unsubscribe at any time.


If you have any questions about how to browse, search or view CRT decisions, please contact us.