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Participant Satisfaction Survey – September 2020

The Civil Resolution Tribunal anonymously surveys people who have gone through the tribunal process. We use this feedback to improve the way we serve the public. We report the cumulative results every month on this blog.

We had only 35 responses to our satisfaction survey in September 2020. But we’re pleased to report that participant satisfaction remains strong.


Selected comments on what participants liked about their experience with the CRT:

  • I appreciated being able to do everything on line and not have to meet face to face with the respondents. Any time I asked for assistance, I was given it in a kind and timely manner.
  • [The case manager] did an excellent job mediating during our facilitation call with the applicant. They helped keep the conversation focused and productive.
  • The process was easy and proceeded quickly.
  • The steps were nice and set expectations for what would happen each time.


Selected comments on what the CRT could have done to improve their experience:

  • Decisions should be given in a timely manner so that the parties can move forward and remedy the problem.
  • I used a email address, and most emails from the CRT were sent directly to my junk mail causing me to miss a few important emails.
  • I was unable to file the representative application form with the response to dispute claim due to an internal issue in the system. I had to file the representative application form separately.
  • I didn’t understand at first that there would be Evidence, Arguments, and then Response to Arguments. I’m not sure if some of my information was mixed among the various submissions and hope that CRT will be understanding.