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2017: Mediate BC to Provide Contract Facilitation Services

Since opening in July 2016, the CRT has received about 380 strata property disputes. To move those disputes through the dispute resolution process, we have recently welcomed a number of full time facilitators to the CRT team! Facilitators help the parties to resolve their disputes by agreement. When people can’t agree, the facilitator also helps prepare the dispute for a binding decision by a tribunal member.

We expect to receive many more disputes when we begin resolving small claims disputes $5000 and under on June 1, 2017. This is why we’ve partnered with Mediate BC to provide mediators who will work on a contract basis as facilitators, also known as case managers. This agreement is for one year, and will be evaluated after that.

Mediate BC has long assisted skilled mediators  to connect with people who need help resolving disputes. Mediate BC managed the former Court Mediation Program for mediating small claims disputes. Needless to say, the mediators on their roster have a lot of experience dealing with the types of disputes we expect to see beginning in June. Mediate BC has asked interested mediators to apply and will select applicants based on the criteria developed jointly by Mediate BC and the CRT.

The agreement with Mediate BC also specifically creates opportunities for newer mediators to gain mentorship and experience in resolving CRT claims, and we encourage applications from qualified mediators from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Learn more about Mediate BC. Here’s more information about the facilitation process and the CRT’s small claims jurisdiction.