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Graphic of participant satisfaction survey results including red disatisfied face, yellow neutral face, green smiley face, and blue arrow showing increase in satisfaction.

2017: Happy First Birthday, Strata Solution Explorer!

By Tanja Rosteck, Solution Explorer Content Strategist

In the strata Solution Explorer’s first full year, a total of 7537 visitors started an exploration. That’s a lot of British Columbians helped!

To celebrate, we’d like to tell you what we’re doing to make Canada’s first online tribunal even better.

Every organization says “We value your feedback.” But at the CRT, we not only value your feedback, we encourage it. It plays a big part in how we develop and deliver innovative justice services in BC. Here’s why.

We know legal information and processes can be confusing. (That’s why the world will always need lawyers!) Making sense of your rights and options can be difficult too. Our content development team worked hard to turn complex legal concepts into simple, easy-to-understand language. The goal of the Solution Explorer is to make dispute resolution easier for you, not harder. So if we didn’t hit the mark somewhere, please tell us.

Every page of the Solution Explorer has a link for sending us feedback. We want to know if you:

• Have trouble finding the content you need
• Feel some content is hard to understand
• Feel some content or resources are in the wrong place
• Spot a typo

You can also:

• Rate information sheets as useful or not (click or tap the stars above the document title)
• Tell us if a resource is “not helpful” (click the red “not helpful” button)
• Report technical errors, or issues with documents
• Share any other general suggestions for improvement

We read every piece of user feedback. We can’t respond to emails that explain your dispute and ask for advice. But we love receiving ideas, suggestions, and critiques!

Did the Solution Explorer help you resolve your issue, without making a claim with the CRT? Please let us know that too! Helping you resolve strata property and small claims disputes is what we do and why we’re here. Success stories make us happy — and they inspire us to imagine new ways to bring the justice system to you.



Your feedback is critical to a cycle we call “continuous improvement”. Our content development team meets regularly to review the latest feedback. The Vice Chair – Strata and Vice Chair – Small Claims advise us of any relevant upcoming changes to laws or regulations. We also analyze lots of statistics on how people are using the Solution Explorer.

Then we decide which improvements to focus on. Do we add more information about common property in a strata, for example? Or should we start building self-help specifically for small claims dispute respondents? By telling us what’s missing in the Solution Explorer, you help us decide these priorities. You’re actively participating in BC justice transformation!

The strata Solution Explorer publicly launched in July 2016, and we were thrilled with the positive response. Now, on its first birthday, we’re excited to talk about how to make the strata Solution Explorer even better.

With your help, we will imagine more ways to improve your access to justice!

Tanja Rosteck is the Solution Explorer Senior Editor and Content Strategist. She manages the production of all Solution Explorer content, from development and editing all the way to continuous improvement and back.