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Graphic of participant satisfaction survey results including red disatisfied face, yellow neutral face, green smiley face, and blue arrow showing increase in satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement Update – January 2019

By Tanja Rosteck, CRT User Experience Lead

Our latest Continuous Improvement update focuses on our new intake application. We’ve developed an easier way for you to make a claim with the CRT. Extensive user testing was done to ensure our new application forms are easy to understand and use. This post shares some highlights of what we like to call our “Intake 2.0”.


New feature: saving an incomplete application

The public told us that our original application form was sometimes hard to complete all at once. For example, some applicants needed time to verify a company name or calculate the amount of their claim, or their browser timed out before they could finish the form.

Our new intake application gives you the option to create a user account before you start. This account lets you save an incomplete application and continue it at any time. You can also apply as a guest without creating an account, but it won’t save an incomplete application.

As always, if you don’t have an email address but want to make a claim, you can use our paper application form. Call our friendly intake staff at 1-844-322-2292 and ask for the form.


Clear sections and easy editing

Our new intake application shows your progress through the application form. It clearly outlines each step and which part is coming next. You can also go back and edit any earlier step in the form, at any time.

(Click or tap to view)


Addressing parties respectfully

In our November 2018 update, we gave a sneak peek of the new application question about which pronouns an applicant would like us to use when addressing them through the CRT process. Our goal is to make the CRT as inclusive as possible, and that means making sure that we do everything we can to treat people fairly and respectfully. Our new intake application includes this question.


No need to add evidence during intake

We used to ask applicants to describe their evidence during intake. Participant feedback showed this created confusion and could even discourage someone from applying. So our new intake application doesn’t ask about evidence. Dispute participants are notified later in the CRT process when they need to upload evidence online.


Other improvements

Our new intake application also has improvements around:

  • Naming a contact person for the dispute
  • Helpers and representatives
  • Identifying a business, and business types
  • Option to automatically claim for dispute-related fees and expenses
  • Interest calculator, for claim amounts that include interest
  • Clear indicators of what information will be disclosed to other participants in the dispute
  • Importing more claim details from your Solution Explorer exploration
  • Automatic email confirmation once you’ve submitted your application and paid the fee


Check back next month for another Continuous Improvement update! As always, if you have questions or comments, please let us know. We rely on feedback from dispute participants to help us improve how we serve you.