About withdrawal and dismissal.

These rules relate to the tribunal’s process if a party wants to withdraw claims or dismiss a dispute, and the accompanying fees and expenses.


  • If a Party wants to Withdraw its Claims

    133) A party can request permission to withdraw its claims before the end of facilitation by following the directions of the facilitator.

    134) A party can ask the tribunal member for permission to withdraw its claims during the tribunal decision process.

  • If the Parties want the Dispute Dismissed

    135) The parties can request a consent dismissal of a dispute at any time before the tribunal resolves the dispute by decision.

    136) A request to dismiss a dispute will normally be granted if it has been agreed upon by all parties in the dispute.

    137) A person requesting the dismissal of a claim made by a child or an adult with impaired mental capacity must include written consent from the Public Guardian and Trustee for that request.