We can help you reach a facilitated agreement.

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Facilitation is about helping you to resolve your dispute by agreement.

Our case managers are dispute resolution experts who will help everyone through this process. They are also neutral. That means they won’t take sides. They’ll ask you to provide evidence to support your position.

If your dispute isn’t resolved during facilitation, you can ask an independent CRT member to decide the dispute.

What do CRT case managers do?

What’s the difference between a Consent Resolution Order and an Email Agreement?


  • What happens during facilitation?

    The facilitation process is flexible, and will depend on the specific circumstances of your dispute. Facilitation usually includes:

    1. Clarifying the claim  with all parties to make sure you understand what the dispute is about.
    2. Facilitated mediation to see if you and the other party can settle your dispute.
    3. Exchanging evidence, if the case manager thinks it could help you resolve the dispute.
    4. Preparing for the Tribunal Decision Process if you can’t resolve your dispute during facilitation.
  • What can a CRT case manager do?

    Your CRT case manager can do a lot of things to help you resolve your dispute, including:

    • Help the parties talk about the dispute to see if they can settle the issues
    • Provide a non-binding neutral response
    • Communicate with each party individually
    • Recommend that a party be added to the dispute, or removed from the dispute
    • Help the applicant describe what they want
  • What if we can’t reach an agreement in facilitation?

    If you can’t reach an agreement, the case manager will help everyone get ready for the Tribunal Decision Process. That’s when an independent CRT member decides your dispute.

    Your case manager will explain how that process works, and what you need to do for it.

  • What is a dispute withdrawal?

    An applicant who starts a CRT dispute but decides not to go ahead with it can ask the CRT to withdraw the dispute.

    A withdrawal doesn’t count as a final resolution of the dispute.

  • What is a dismissal?

    If you’ve started a dispute with the CRT but decide the dispute should be dismissed without an agreement or a decision being made, all the people in your dispute need to agree.

    A dismissal counts as a final resolution of the dispute.

  • When do I submit evidence?

    Your case manager will let you know when to submit your evidence.

    Learn all about about evidence.