About tribunal information & documents.

These rules relate to public requests for information from tribunal disputes, conversion of records and information, and validated copies of tribunal documents.


  • Public Requests for Information from Tribunal Disputes

    145) A person who wants to know the names of parties or any other information in a tribunal dispute that is not already publicly available through the tribunal or another public website can ask the tribunal for that information by

    a) completing the Public Information Request Form, and
    b) paying the required fee.

    146) In reviewing a public information request the tribunal

    a) must consider whether the information can be obtained by the requestor from another publicly available source,
    b) must consider the privacy of any person whose information might be the subject of the request,
    c) must maintain confidentiality of settlement discussions in all open or closed tribunal disputes, unless otherwise required by law,
    d) must consider the interests of justice and fairness, both for the person making the request and for any person whose information would be disclosed,
    e) can redact any part of the information it decides to provide to the requestor, and
    f) can make an order setting out any limitations on the use or handling of any information it chooses to release.

    147) The tribunal can require a party to pay fees for obtaining copies of information or records from the tribunal.

    148) A tribunal member can, at any time, order that some or all information in a dispute be sealed or redacted.

  • Conversion of Information, Records and Other Information

    149) The tribunal can

    a) convert information, records and other data into an electronically or digitally stored format,
    b) deem the converted information, records or other data as an accurate representation of the information contained in the original, and
    c) destroy the original form of the information, record or data after it has been converted.

  • Validated Copies of Tribunal Documents

    150) A tribunal officer can validate a record or other document by

    a) including text on a copy of the document saying it is validated, and
    b) including a signature on a copy of the document.

    151) A signature on a validated document produced by the tribunal can be applied electronically.

    152) A person who wants to obtain a validated copy of a tribunal document must

    a) provide the information required for the request, and
    b) pay the required fee.