Making a Claim with the CRT
向民事审裁庭提起索赔申请 (Simplified Chinese)

Are you thinking about making a claim with the CRT? Learn about what’s involved.

What you should know 您需要知道的内容
If you have a small claims or strata dispute that you can’t resolve on your own, the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) may be able to help.

$5000 small claims limit
The CRT can only hear small claims disputes that are $5,000 and under. There is no limit on the amount for strata property disputes. To find out more about the CRT’s jurisdiction, visit the CRT website at

Free self-resolution options
Before you make a claim, consider trying one of the Solution Explorer’s self-resolution options. They include things like letters and negotiation workbooks. You can use these free tools to try and resolve your problem as quickly as possible.
提起索赔之前,可以考虑方案搜索器 (Solution Explorer)中的自行解决方案选项。这些自行解决方案包含信函和协商所需文本等文件。您可以利用这些免费文件来尽快解决问题。

What’s involved in the CRT process?
The CRT is designed to be easier, faster and cheaper than court. But it is still a legal process. A CRT decision can include binding and enforceable orders.

If you make a claim with the CRT, you will need to:
• Pay CRT fees 交纳CRT庭费
• Complete the necessary forms online 完整填写必要的在线表格
• Provide notice of the dispute to every other party named in the dispute, following the instructions in the CRT rules根据CRT规则说明,向纠纷中涉及的每一方发出纠纷解决通知
• Provide evidence to support your claim 提供证据来支持索赔
• Participate in facilitation activities and follow all the directions of a CRT Facilitator 参与CRT开办的相关辅导活动,并听从辅导员的指导
• Follow orders made by a CRT Tribunal Member, including orders to pay the other party’s CRT fees and reasonable expenses if they are successful 听从CRT审裁庭成员的命令,包括如果对方胜诉,替对方支付CRT庭费和其它合理费用。

Once you start a CRT dispute, it won’t always be up to you to stop if you change your mind. Before you begin, make sure you’re ready to commit to the process.

How much does it cost to make an application to the CRT?
The fee for applying for dispute resolution depends on whether your dispute is a strata dispute or a small claims dispute.
If you have a small claims dispute, the Solution Explorer will ask whether your claim is: $3,000 or less, or between $3,001 and $5,000. This is so you’re charged the correct fee if you decide to make a claim with the CRT.
For more information on the CRT’s fees, visit

Limitation periods 时效期
You need to consider the limitation period for your claim. A limitation period acts like a countdown clock, and can stop you from bringing your claim to the CRT.
If you think a limitation period may be running out on your claim, you may decide to make a claim as soon as possible, without trying a self-resolution option first.
To learn more about limitation periods, visit

What you can do 您可以做什么
• Visit the CRT website to learn more about making a claim. 访问CRT网站来了解更多有关提起索赔的信息。
• Try a self-resolution option before making a claim. (Click “Back” or start a new exploration and select a different solution option.) 在提起索赔之前尝试自行解决. (点击“Back”,或开始一个新的搜索并选择其它解决方案选项。)