These resources will help you understand the CRT process.

They include the CRT rules and legislation, CRT fees, CRT forms, and important information you should know about limitation periods.  You can also search previous CRT decisions.

The CRT has rules that govern its processes. Learn More
To help understand and manage your CRT dispute, you may need to look at the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act, the Strata Property Act, or the Small Claims Act.Learn More
There are fees for using the CRT, but we’ll often give you a discount for paying online.Learn More
The CRT has forms that you may need to use during the tribunal process.Learn More
Limitation Periods
It‘s important to understand what a limitation period is, and how it may affect your claim.Learn More
The CRT publishes past decisions, which you can search through and read.Learn More
Privacy Policy
The CRT has a policy which governs the information collected during the dispute process.Learn More
CRT Jurisdiction
What kinds of disputes can the CRT hear?Learn More