Participant Satisfaction Survey – October 2020

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The Civil Resolution Tribunal anonymously surveys people who have gone through the tribunal process. We use this feedback to improve the way we serve the public. We report the cumulative results every month on this blog.

We had 48 responses to our satisfaction survey in October 2020. We’re pleased to report that participant satisfaction remains strong.

CRT Participant Satisfaction Aggregated Rates - October 2020
Professional: 92% agreed that CRT staff were professional in each interaction.
Easy to use: 87% felt the CRT's online services weren't difficult to use.
Informed: 90% agreed the CRT provided information that prepared them for dispute resolution.
Timely resolution: 71% felt their CRT dispute was handled in a timely manner.
Accessible: 90% didn't find the CRT process difficult to understand.
Fair treatment: 81% felt the CRT treated them fairly throughout the process.
81% would recommend the CRT to others.


Selected comments on what participants liked about their experience with the CRT:

  • [The CRT] format can easily be used by the average citizen to deal with a dispute. As a senior I was at first apprehensive do this on line but whoever designed this format made it very easy to navigate. On top one could always talk to a person at every step of the process. Thank you.
  • It is much faster and cheaper than provincial small claims court.
  • The facilitator who worked with us was excellent and proactive. They helped us achieve a good settlement, and was good at following up with a recalcitrant respondent.
  • Any time there was a problem, there was someone to contact easily.


Selected comments on what the CRT could have done to improve their experience:

  • The length of time seemed rather long but maybe Covid played a part in that.
  • They could have reduced the time to decide the matter once in the hands of a tribunal member.
  • Uploading evidence was a little glitchy and one item uploaded twice.
  • Provide a simplified overview of the process.

Posted by the CRT on November 2, 2020