Participant Satisfaction Survey – March 2020

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The Civil Resolution Tribunal anonymously surveys people who have gone through the tribunal process. We use this feedback to improve the way we serve the public. We report the cumulative results every month on this blog.

We had 56 responses to our satisfaction survey in March 2020. We’re pleased to report that participant satisfaction remains strong.

CRT Participant Satisfaction Aggregated Rates - March 2020
Professional: 94% agreed that CRT staff were professional in each interaction.
Easy to use: 79% felt the CRT's online services weren't difficult to use.
Informed: 83% agreed the CRT provided information that prepared them for dispute resolution.
Timely resolution: 78% felt their CRT dispute was handled in a timely manner.
Accessible: 81% found the CRT process easy to understand.
Fair treatment: 85% felt the CRT treated them fairly throughout the process.
74% would recommend the CRT to others.

Posted by the CRT on April 6, 2020