Information for People with Insurance

This area of the Solution Explorer is for insurance disputes. It has information and self-help tools for disputes about things like your insurance claim being denied, and claims for a death benefit being denied to beneficiaries of a life insurance policy.

If your dispute is about a vehicle accident and your ICBC claim, use our Vehicle Accident and Injuries area instead.

You might want to explore other areas of the Solution Explorer, such as Personal Injury, Goods and Services, or Construction, even if you have insurance. They may have additional information and self-help tools related to your issue.

What You Need To Know Before You Start

  • Limitation Periods

    Please review this information about Limitation Periods before you start. It’s about how long you have to take action on your problem. It’s very important.

  • Gathering Your Information

    Before you start, gather all information and documents you have about the dispute. This might include insurance policies and contracts, payment receipts, and any written correspondence.

  • Insurance Glossary

    Here are some definitions of common terms and roles in the insurance world:

    Claims supervisor or manager:  The person who has the ultimate authority over settlement amounts. The adjuster may have to check with this person if the amount they want to settle for is beyond their authority.

    Independent adjuster: A claims adjuster who is independent and can provides services on a contract basis to an insured person or an insurance company.

    Insurance agent, advisor or representative: There are independent agents who sell insurance policies for many different companies. There are also “captive agents” who sell insurance for only one insurance company.

    Insurance broker: A specialist in insurance who helps find the best insurance coverage for their client. Although brokers work closely with insurance companies and receive commission and perks, they don’t represent specific insurance companies.

    Insured: A person or organization covered under an insurance policy. Responsibilities include paying premiums, and providing accurate information.

    Insurer: This includes the adjuster, claims specialist, claims representative or any person who reviews your claim and negotiates settlements on behalf of the insurance company. The insurer can help you understand how your coverage works, including changes or cancellation, and timelines and procedures for settling the claim.

  • Contact Your Insurer

    The Civil Resolution Tribunal can’t report claims to your insurer. If you need to make a claim with an insurer, you must contact them directly.

  • Multiple Insurance Policies

    If you’re not sure about the cause of an injury or property damage, and you have multiple insurance policies, you can make a claim under more than one of them. Sometimes there are disagreements about the cause of a medical condition or property loss. Insurance companies may not agree on who has to pay.

  • Dispute Resolution for Specific Insurance Problems

    Some insurance problems in BC have specific laws that require certain procedures. For example, new homeowners with insurance fall under the Homeowner Protection Act.