General Disputes

Small claims disputes involve a wide variety of issues between individuals and organizations. For specific information and self-help tools, use the Solution Explorer dispute area that you think best fits your issue:

  • Vehicle accidents and injuries: issues about accident benefits, disputes about damages and fault up to $50,000, and determining whether an injury is a “minor injury”.
  • Buying and selling goods & services: issues about payment, quality, damage, and more.
  • Loans & debts: issues about borrowing and lending money, such as credit card debts, overdue loans, and overdraft bank or credit card accounts.
  • Construction and renovations: issues about construction, improvements and renovations.
  • Employment: issues about employment. This doesn’t include union disputes or contractors.
  • Insurance disputes: issues about insurance. This includes people or compaies that provide insurance, people who have or want it, and brokers. This area does NOT include ICBC disputes related to a motor vehicle accident.
  • Personal injury: issues about injuries and accidents, NOT including injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident and ICBC disputes.
  • Property: issues about personal property (like pets and other items), real property (land) and intangibles (including intellectual property, artistic properties, stocks, bonds or other securities, contracts, lease agreements and virtual property).
  • Strata: issues with strata owners, tenants, occupants, and strata corporations. For example, disputes about strata fees, fines, neighbours, bylaws and rules, nuisance, common property, or how the strata council conducts meetings, hearings and other strata business.

Issues the CRT can't help resolve

  • Bankruptcy
  • Criminal cases and disputes
  • Defamation
  • Discrimination
  • Employment problems covered by the BC Employment Standards Act
  • Entitlement to public benefits
  • Estates
  • Family justice issues, like child support or divorce
  • Family relationship issues
  • Health and safety issues in the workplace
  • Immigration matters
  • Income tax
  • Libel and slander
  • Tenancy
  • Traffic
  • Wills Variation Act claims
  • Areas covered by other BC administrative tribunals