What is the small claims Solution Explorer?

The Solution Explorer is the first step in the CRT process. We’ll give you free legal information and self-help tools. You can apply to the CRT for dispute resolution right from the Solution Explorer.

Small claims disputes involve a wide variety of issues between individuals and organizations.

Click on the dispute area that you think best fits your issue:

Buying and selling goods and services
Issues related to the purchase and sale of goods and services, including disputes over payment, quality, and damage.Learn More
Loans and debts
Issues related to borrowing and lending money where the lender is in the business of lending money or extending credit. Examples include credit card debts, overdue loans, and overdraft bank or credit card accounts.Learn More
Construction and renovations
Issues related to the construction, improvement, or renovation of a building.Learn More
Issues related to some employment disputes. This area doesn't include union disputes or contractors. Many employment disputes must be resolved by the Employment Standards Branch.Learn More
Insurance disputes
Issues involving insurance. This can include people providing insurance, people who have or want it, and others, including brokers.Learn More
Personal injury, including motor vehicle injuries and accidents
Issues related to injuries and accidents, including injuries that resulted from motor vehicle accidents and ICBC disputes.Learn More
Issues related to personal property (like personal belongings) and intangibles (including intellectual property, artistic properties, stocks, bonds or other securities, contracts, lease agreements and virtual property).Learn More

Click on the dispute area that you think best fits your issue. If none of these categories fits your issue, visit the general dispute area.

How much can I claim with the CRT?

The CRT can resolve small claims disputes $5,000 and under. This amount will increase in the future. The value of the claims in a dispute must fall within this amount, even if you are asking for goods or things other than money. This amount does not include interest or reasonable dispute-related expenses.

If you have a claim higher than this amount, you can abandon the amount above $5,000 and make your claim with the CRT. If you abandon the amount above $5,000, you won’t be able to claim the higher amount anywhere else.

If your claim is for more than $5,000, and you want to claim for the entire amount, visit the BC Small Claims Court (Provincial Court) for claims between $5,001 and $35,000 or the BC Supreme Court for claims above $35,000.

Remember that limitation periods may apply. A limitation period is how long you have to take action on your problem. If you think your limitation period might be running out, consider going to court or seeking legal advice.