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This area includes disputes about entitlement to accident benefits. Enhanced accident benefits are meant to help as you recover from injuries. ICBC provides these benefits under the Insurance (Vehicle) Act and regulations.

This area also includes disputes about losses from vehicle accidents. This could include property damage, lost business income, and some personal injury claims. Some disputes are under our motor vehicle injury (MVI) jurisdiction, and others are under our small claims jurisdiction. It depends on the accident date, what you’re claiming, and other factors. The Solution Explorer will give you information and the correct application form for your situation.


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The Solution Explorer asks you simple questions about your issue. It gives free legal information and tools based on your answers. It also classifies your claim and gives you the right online application form. To apply, choose “Make a claim with the CRT” when the Solution Explorer asks what you’d like to do.

Before making a CRT claim, you should read about limitation periods and what they mean. The limitation period doesn’t stop when you use the Solution Explorer. It only stops when you submit your CRT claim application and pay the application fee.


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