The CRT can help you resolve small claims and strata disputes in a timely and cost effective manner, and encourages a collaborative approach to dispute resolution.


Getting Started

The Solution Explorer will diagnose your problem, and give you legal information and self-help tools.
The Solution Explorer may help you to resolve your dispute on your own using self-help tools.
Take Action
If you are unable to resolve your dispute, you can start the Tribunal Process.

Tribunal Process

Start or Respond to a Dispute
You’ll provide information to the CRT about your dispute, pay a fee and notify other parties.
A quick negotiation will help you try to come to an agreement yourself.
A facilitator will collect information and try to help you resolve your dispute.
Tribunal Decision Process
If your dispute isn’t resolved during facilitation, a tribunal member will decide it for you.

How the Process Ends

After Receiving a CRT Decision
You’ll have options after receiving your CRT decision.
CRT Decisions
CRT decisions are public and searchable.