CRT Statistics Snapshot: October 2018

Here’s our monthly statistics report! If there’s information you would like to see added to our monthly reports, please contact us, and we will do our best to include them.

We received 485 new disputes last month, very close to the average of 478 new disputes per month since April 2018. We completed an very high number of disputes in October (592), resulting in a net reduction of 107 outstanding disputes. Outstanding disputes have been reduced by 226 since the end of June 2018.

This month, 335 disputes were closed by default decision, 74 were decided by a tribunal member (12% of completed disputes), 81 were withdrawn (many due to reaching an agreement), and 65 were resolved by agreement or consent order during facilitation. The CRT refused to accept 12 disputes (primarily due to lack of jurisdiction) and 18 Notices of Objection were filed.

Solution Explorer Statistics - October 2018

Total Solution Explorer Explorations 48,574
Small Claims Solution Explorer 29,593
Strata Property Solution Explorer18,981

All Disputes - October 2018

These are the combined total statistics for CRT strata property and small claims disputes.
Total disputes 8,047
Completed disputes5,687
Outstanding disputes2.367
New disputes received this month485
Disputes resolved in adjudication668 (12% of total disputes)
Combined notice of objection/appeal128

Small Claims Disputes - October 2018

Total small claims disputes 6,620
Completed small claims disputes4,701
Outstanding small claims disputes1,919
New small claims disputes received this month419
Small claims disputes resolved in adjudication379 (8%)
Small claims disputes resolved by default2,289
Small claims notices of objection (combined figure for defaults and adjudications)114

Strata Property Disputes - October 2018

Total strata property disputes 1,427
Completed strata property disputes986
Outstanding strata property disputes441
New strata property disputes this month66
Strata property disputes resolved in adjudication289 (29%)
Strata property appeals pending14

Posted by the CRT on November 19, 2018