CRT Statistics Snapshot – October 2020

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Do you like data? We do! Here’s our monthly report of key statistics.

We’ve moved to a simpler, condensed monthly report. We’ll post comprehensive statistics once per quarter (4 times a year).

If there’s information you would like to see added to our monthly reports, please contact us. We will do our best to include it.

Open” includes disputes in screening, negotiation and facilitation, on hold, decision preparation, and adjudication.

Closed” includes withdrawn claims, disputes resolved by agreement, the CRT refused to issue a Dispute Notice, disputes resolved by default or tribunal member decision, and other reasons for closure.

 Small Claims
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Strata Property
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Motor Vehicle
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Soc & Coops
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Solution Explorer uses this month2662689461116
Open disputes at month start9903977624
New this month356562210
Closed this month3085485
Open disputes at month end10383999029
Closure types for this month:
Resolved by agreement471100
Hearing / decision required762143
Default / non-compliant / refused117901


Posted by the CRT on November 3, 2020