CRT Statistics Snapshot: July 2018

Do you like data? So do we! We’re starting a new monthly blog series with an update on our key statistics. We’ll be adding to our reports over time as we develop more detailed analytics. If there’s information you would like to see added to our monthly reports, please contact us, and we will do our best to include them!

Solution Explorer Statistics

Total Solution Explorer Explorations 40,865
Small Claims Solution Explorer 23,971
Strata Property Solution Explorer16,894

Total Solution Explorer Small Claims visits as of July 31, 2018











All Disputes

These are the combined total statistics for CRT strata property and small claims disputes.
Total disputes 6,632
Completed disputes4,046
Outstanding disputes2,586
New disputes received in July 2018462
Disputes resolved in adjudication417 (10% of total disputes)
Combined notice of objection/appeal41 (1% of total disputes)

Small Claims Disputes

Total small claims disputes 5,378
Completed small claims disputes3,266
Outstanding small claims disputes2,112
New small claims disputes received in July 2018352
Small claims disputes resolved in adjudication213 (7%)
Small claims notices of objection28 (<1% of completed small claims disputes)

Strata Property Disputes

Total strata property disputes 1,254
Completed strata property disputes780
Outstanding strata property disputes474
New strata property disputes received in July 201857
Strata property disputes resolved in adjudication204 (26%)
Strata property appeals pending13 (<2% of completed strata disputes)

Posted by the CRT on August 14, 2018