CRT Statistics Snapshot – December 2018

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Here’s our monthly statistics report! If there’s information you would like to see added to our monthly reports, please contact us, and we will do our best to include them.

Solution Explorer Statistics - December 2018

Small Claims explorations33,145
Strata Property explorations20,109
Small Claims Explorations by DA - December 2018

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Strata Explorations by DA - December 2018

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All Disputes - December 2018

Total disputes 8,810
Completed disputes6,779
Outstanding disputes2,031
New disputes received this month376
Disputes resolved in adjudication994 (15% of total disputes)
Combined notice of objection/appeal179

Small Claims Disputes - December 2018

Total small claims disputes 7,297
Completed small claims disputes5,670
Outstanding small claims disputes1,627
Small claims disputes resolved in adjudication639 (11%)
Small claims disputes resolved by default2,633
Small claims notices of objection (combined figure for defaults and adjudications)162

Strata Property Disputes - December 2018

Total strata property disputes 1,513
Completed strata property disputes1,109
Outstanding strata property disputes404
Strata property disputes resolved in adjudication355 (32%)
Strata property appeals pending15

From these totals, in December 2018:

Disputes Processed - December 2018

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Posted by the CRT on January 14, 2019