CRT Statistics Snapshot – August 2020

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Do you like data? We do! Here’s our monthly report of key statistics.

If there’s information you would like to see added to our monthly reports, please contact us. We will do our best to include it.

Solution Explorer Statistics - August 2020

Small Claims explorations88,029
Strata Property explorations34,406
Motor Vehicle Accidents and Injuries explorations8,953
Societies and Cooperative Associations explorations1,591

Open” includes disputes in screening, negotiation and facilitation, on hold, decision preparation, and adjudication.

Closed” includes withdrawn claims, disputes resolved by agreement, the CRT refused to issue a Dispute Notice, disputes resolved by default or tribunal member decision, and other reasons for closure.

All Disputes - August 2020

Total disputes 18,148
New disputes received this month425
Total open disputes1,539
Total closed disputes16,609
Total default and non-compliance decisions5,409
Total disputes resolved by agreement2,662
Total disputes resolved by adjudication (CRT member decision)3,020

Small Claims Disputes - August 2020

Total small claims disputes 15,028
Open small claims disputes1,039
Closed small claims disputes13,989
Small claims default and non-compliance decisions5,114
Small claims disputes resolved by adjudication (CRT member decision)2,052
Total notices of objection to small claims decisions (both default and adjudication) since June 2017435

Strata Property Disputes - August 2020

Total strata property disputes2,862
Open strata property disputes396
Closed strata property disputes2,466
Strata property default and non-compliance decisions263
Strata property disputes resolved by adjudication (CRT member decision)953
Total appeals pending to strata decisions since July 201639

Motor Vehicle Injury Disputes - August 2020

Total motor vehicle injury disputes (may include multiple claims)191
Open motor vehicle injury disputes77
Closed motor vehicle injury disputes114
Motor vehicle injury default and non-compliance decisions2
Motor vehicle injury disputes resolved by adjudication (CRT member decision)11
Total requests for judicial review of motor vehicle injury decisions since April 1, 20191

Societies and Cooperative Associations Disputes - August 2020

Total societies and cooperative association disputes67
Open societies and cooperative association disputes27
Closed societies and cooperative association disputes40
Societies and cooperative association default and non-compliance decisions0
Societies and cooperative association disputes resolved by adjudication (CRT member decision)4
Total requests for judicial review of societies and cooperative association decisions since July 15, 20190

Posted by the CRT on September 2, 2020