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Stories from the Frontline: Kathryn Stanley

We love our frontline staff! In this edition of Stories from the Frontline, we hear from Kathryn Stanley, Decision Support Analyst at the Civil Resolution Tribunal.


Years/time you’ve been in this sector?

I’ve been employed with the BC Public Service since December of 2018. I originally applied for the clerk 9 pool in February of 2018 prior to going on maternity leave and was successful in obtaining a spot in the pool.


What was your background prior to working in this role/sector?

Prior to working for the BC Public service, I worked briefly for Paladin Security (about a year and a half) and prior to that I lived in Northwestern Ontario and was a PSW (Personal Support Worker/Health Care Aid) for 3 years.


Describe your role as it is on paper. Now describe how it actually goes in real life.

On paper we essentially walk parties through providing evidence, submissions, and then we would prepare everything to be sent and assigned to a tribunal member. However, it’s rarely that simple, and there’s a lot of follow up with parties to ensure they’re aware of what’s needed, what we’re requesting, and walking them through how to access their online accounts. Clarification for questions they may have, communicating with the tribunal members and other members of other teams if questions arise.


How have you and your team had to adapt during the pandemic for service delivery?

Our roles were in office, being able to print/mail etc. as in some cases we have to use mailing methods when the technology won’t work. We’ve all had to adapt to asking the in-office personnel to mail documents for us. When we were working in office, we could easily ask the person next to us for assistance, or your team lead that would be in the next room. Now there’s a bit of a communication barrier in being able to explain what you need over an email. Sometimes it can be hard to stay focused with distractions at home and being able to take calls and stay on track with the duties of the day.


What is one thing (or more) you’d like others to know about your work that they probably don’t realize?

Taking an extra little step to make a phone call, or make sure that the client knows you’re a real person makes a huge difference when it comes to customer service. I’ve had numerous interactions with people who are just grateful to know there’s an actual person on the other end of the emails that will walk them though or explain a process to them. Also, understand that not everyone comprehends things on the same level as you. Finding different ways to explain can make a huge difference, not only with coworkers, but clients.


How do you connect your work to the bigger picture?

I believe that what the CRT does is huge. We are able to provide an accessible service, where in normal circumstances, you would have to pay for lawyer fees and sit in a court room/wait for a court date. Especially now with COVID-19 and services being limited, there has been little to no disruption with the CRT’s services. In certain situations, that’s necessary of course, but to be able to alleviate the court systems and provide a similar service – most parties appreciate the ability to be able to utilize the CRT.


Thank you, Kathryn!