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Solution Explorer Quarterly Update: 2018 Q1

by Tanja Rosteck, Solution Explorer Content Strategist

I’m pleased to report we just finished our first Continuous Improvement cycle for 2018! It’s for the Strata Solution Explorer. We made some content changes based on your feedback. The changes were loaded into the site on March 29, 2018.

Here’s an overview of what’s changed:

  • In our last Strata update, I mentioned that strata councils can now make a CRT claim against a property manager (or strata management company), utility, or other service provider. These claims actually fall under the jurisdiction of small claims contracts, not strata. We’ve made the application process easier – now you can make this type of claim right from your strata exploration, and it will be correctly classified as a small claims application.
  • FAQs: We added Frequently Asked Questions to the first screen of the Solution Explorer, and screens where you’re asked about the value of your CRT claim. Click the FAQ/Help button to see them. We’ll be adding more FAQs in future!
  • We know strata disputes can be complex and often have more than one issue. We made wording improvements throughout, and added more examples to help you understand which category your issue might be in.
  • Content areas we’ve flagged for future development: Common property issues for strata owners and tenants; disputes within small stratas; short-term strata rentals and shared accommodations; and issues with bullying or harassment in stratas.

That’s it for this edition of the Solution Explorer Quarterly Update. See you at the end of June 2018, for our next continuous improvement report on the Small Claims Solution Explorer. Lots to look forward to – we’ve been developing several pieces of new, frequently requested content for Small Claims!

As always, please keep sending us your comments and suggestions how to make the Solution Explorer better. We hope these changes improve your CRT experience!