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Graphic of participant satisfaction survey results including red disatisfied face, yellow neutral face, green smiley face, and blue arrow showing increase in satisfaction.

Participant Satisfaction Survey – March 2022

The Civil Resolution Tribunal anonymously surveys people who have gone through the tribunal process. We use this feedback to improve the way we serve the public. We report the cumulative results every month on this blog.

We had 55 responses to our satisfaction survey in March 2022. We’re pleased to report that participant satisfaction remains strong.


Selected comments on what participants liked about their experience with the CRT:

  • The CRT provided an effective, efficient way to resolve a relatively low value [dispute]. 
  • Very easy to use as a business owner…speedy results.
  • I was not obligated to travel anywhere.
  • It’s an easy, cost effect option.
  • I like that this service is available for our community when people need it.

Selected comments on what the CRT could have done to improve their experience:

  • Updating the format of the website to make it more user friendly.
  • In the beginning the process could have been described a lot better to each person.
  • Possibly publicise the service more widely because I wonder how many BC residents are aware.